Our Curriculum
Kiddie Korner's educational curriculum is a developmental one, and the importance of play as a child's work is always of central significance.  We have an "integrated day", which means all our activities are related to a specific theme for the week.  Our songs, stories, games, crafts and even our free snacks all go along with that theme. 

Our daily program includes free play time, story time, circle time, and music or movement activities every day.  Skills such as familiarity with colors and shapes, letter and number recognition, and counting are encouraged though songs, stories and games.  Fine motor skills are developed through various daily activities.

Gross motor skills are encouraged through lots of physical activity, both indoors and on our great playground outdoors.  We have a swing set, riding area for tricycles, bubble tables, pirate ship and a fantastic clubhouse.

Several field trips are planned for the 4-year-old classes each year, to broaden the childrens' view of the world around them.  But we also bring in outside visitors to enhance learning - the traveling teacher from Mystic Aquarium, a puppeteer, clowns, story tellers, firefighters and health care workers. 

We use the Preschool Assessment Framework and Curriculum to assess the students' growth.  We hold Parent/Teacher Conferences twice a year, so we can discuss this growth in depth.